Schreiner Fine Jewellery pink diamond ring

juillet 10, 2019

Diamond miracles

Schreiner Fine Jewellery stands for impressive jewellery that showcases diamonds in fascinating colours and sizes

The Munich-based jewellery brand Schreiner Fine Jewellery celebrated its 30th birthday last year. During the past three decades, the brand has earned an enviable international reputation for its fine handmade diamond jewellery and for working with nothing but the finest and rarest gemstones in impressive colours and sizes.

Schreiner yellow fancy diamond earringsOwner and designer Gerhard Schreiner again revealed his penchant for coloured diamonds at this year’s Baselworld, where one of the showcases at his stand displayed a pair of superlative earrings: each of the fancy vivid yellow diamonds in these earrings weighs an incredible 40 carats.

Also extremely rare are the fancy intense pink diamonds that Schreiner Fine Jewellery has integrated into a radiantly beautiful jewellery set. In sizes ranging from 1 to 10 carats, these gems generate a genuine a ‘wow’ effect among the brand’s enthusiastic customers. One of the largest pink diamonds, a 10-carat stone in a cushion modified brilliant cut, adorns a magnificent ring (pictured above). Its elegance is accompanied by sparkling white diamonds and tanzanite.


Schreiner Fine Jewellery e.K.

Founded in Munich, Germany, in 1988, Schreiner Fine Jewellery has acquired an international name for fine, hand-made diamond jewellery. It has an excellent reputation for its unique and innovative jewellery and for its unsurpassed quality. As there is no compromise in creativity and originality, Schreiner Jewellery continues to create timeless collections of elegant jewellery. Our fine collection is sold through the world’s best jewellers, from Asia, Middle East, East Europe, Europe and USA.

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