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juin 03, 2019

Highlight of craftsmanship

Stenzhorn has succeeded in artistically combining round and oval gemstones in the so-called “invisible setting”

An old saying claims that “opposites attract”. This adage, and the myth that the Earth was once orbited by two moons which felt so attracted to each other that they fused to form one moon, are the sources of inspiration for Stenzhorn’s latest collection, which is appropriately named “Una”. The Latin word for union symbolises the timeless attraction of opposites – in human life as in the natural world. 

Stenzhorn Una necklace with rubies and diamondsThe artisans at the jewellery manufactory in central Germany spent two full years developing the complicated technique for “Una”. Their goal was to create jewellery that combined both round and oval gemstones in the so-called “invisible setting”. “The gemstones are set from behind in such a way that you cannot see any part of the setting when you look at the jewellery from the front. The gems seem to float as if by magic”, explains Sales Director Chris Stenzhorn. “Furthermore, the absence of a visible setting allows more light to reach the diamonds, which reflect the incident illumination all the more brilliantly. This enables each of these kings of gems to sparkle in all its splendour.”

The technique of invisibly setting square-cut diamonds and coloured gemstones is essentially not a new method for the creative team in Stenzhorn’s workshop. The family business had already launched its first pieces of jewellery in this style as early as the mid-1980s. To celebrate the company’s fortieth anniversary, the brand has now filled this artistic technology with innovative and creative life. An absolutely new feature is the invisible setting of contrastingly shaped gemstones: for example, round and baguette-shaped stones. “We believe that with ‘Una’ we have created a genuine highlight of craftsmanship”, says Chris Stenzhorn. 

The jewellery line comprises various pieces. A knot at the centre of each piece symbolises the harmony between the opposing elements. Among the central pieces in the “Una” line are two magnificent necklaces made with diamonds and rubies. “The special highlight here is the very soft and uncommonly high flexibility of both pieces of jewellery, which is achieved despite the enormous delicacy of goldsmith’s work,” Chris Stenzhorn explains.

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