Tamara Comolli, jewellery designer

juillet 03, 2019

Pure joie de vivre

Tamara Comolli presents Bouton post earrings

Tamara Comolli Bouton earringsTamara Comolli has declared 2019 as the ‘Year of Earrings’. Her new pieces underscore the brand’s character with individualistic designs and diverse colourful gems. The cabochon cut, which is well known from Tamara Comolli’s combinable Bouton rings, now enriches a new collection of post earrings that accentuate every woman’s face with delicacy and lightness.

Tamara Comolli Bouton earringsThe variety of gems ranges from Swiss topaz, amethyst and moonstone to tourmaline and turquoise. A white 0.10-carat diamond perfectly complements the coloured gem and adds contrast. High-quality yet playful, the colourful Bouton earrings embody Tamara Comolli’s brand promise of ‘Casual Luxury’. Anyone who is looking for casual luxury to enliven daily life has come to the right place with this designer, who caters to those longing for colour and joie de vivre with her colourful gemstone jewellery, which can be described as veritable vitamin-packed bonbons for the soul.

Tamara Comolli Bouton earrings‘We stay natural’ is a basic demand for Tamara Comolli, who adores creative jewellery. This applies not only to the jewellery itself but also to the processing of coloured gems from all over the world, taking into consideration the conservation of natural resources, and this has been the case for over 25 years. The brand is thus among the pioneers in the industry. Many years of expertise in gemstone sourcing enable Comolli to acquire even the rarest materials from the most remote places. She integrates these rarities into designs and thus showcases their natural beauty.


Founded by German designer Tamara Comolli in 1992, the successful international fine jewelry brand, TAMARA COMOLLI epitomizes “barefoot luxury” and is known for its playful yet sophisticated and feminine designs and exceptional gemstone “Color Stories” – mesmerizing combinations of vibrant, precious stones. The brand has eight of its own boutiques in locations by the sea and around 120 points of sale, primarily in Europe and the US.

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