Yoko London High Jewellery collection earrings, Niessing Cube earrings and Giovanni Ferraris Vanity earrings

juin 03, 2019

The bigger, the better

Ultra-long, eye-catching and voluminous to the max – size does matter in earrings this year!

The opposite of understatement is now the trend in earrings. These bold pieces must be ultra-long, eye-catching and voluminous to the max. Whether the wearer adorns herself with diamond-studded hoops in XXL format or opts for elegant models, each with a single pearl, wearing these big ornaments proves she knows that size does matter! Movable elements provide extra pizzazz to generate elegant dynamism with every movement of the wearer’s head.


Hans D. Krieger Asian Waterfalls earringsHans D. Krieger

Nature, or rather a certain waterfall on Simian Mountain in China, inspired the Hans D. Krieger jewellery manufacturer from Idar-Oberstein to create the filigreed “Asian Waterfalls” earrings. Crafted from white gold and diamonds, these long earrings sparkle like a mountain stream with every movement their wearer makes. A bevy of 26 princess-cut diamonds, 24 baguette-cut diamonds and 24 brilliant-cut diamonds glitter like sunlight reflecting off crystal-clear mountain water.


Giovanni Ferraris Stiletto pearl earringsGiovanni Ferraris

These elegantly long “Stiletto” pearl earrings are part of Giovanni Ferraris’ “Vanity” collection. The earrings are available with a matching necklace and finger rings featuring pearls and gold in various colours. The distinctive highlight of this collection is its sophisticated combination of perfectly spherical pearls in white, anthracite or golden hues and diamonds in diverse cuts and nuances of colour ranging from grey to brown and milky white.


Utopia Miro earringsUtopia

The Italian jewellery brand Utopia has named its collection “Miro” after the Catalan painter and sculptor Joan Miró i Ferrà. As in Miró’s paintings, these pieces of jewellery are characterized by various graphic shapes, which Utopia’s designers combined to create a contemporary jewellery collection. Diamonds cut into rectangles, hexagons, spheres and squares alternate with the beauty of shimmering South Sea pearls, whose spherical shapes and ample volumes create a sumptuous contrast to the precious stones.


Niessing Cube earringsNiessing

As a tribute to Bauhaus aesthetics, the German jewellery manufacturer Niessing has created architectural jewellery objects with its “Cube” line of voluminous earrings and pendants. Four gold or platinum rectangles are woven into a cube to create the lines and surfaces of these mobile, constantly changing pieces of jewellery for the ears. Depending on the beholder’s point of view, these earrings alternately look strictly geometrical or dynamic as dancers.


Yoko London High Jewellery collection earringsYoko London

Graphic lines and sparkling diamonds encounter the sensual shapes of perfect pearls in these elegant and precious earrings from the British luxury pearl jeweller Yoko London. Eight Akoya pearls of various sizes attract admiring gazes to the earrings from Yoko London’s High Jewellery Collection. The splendid pearls are connected to one another by slender bars of 18 karat yellow gold adorned either with individual diamonds or lines of diamonds (additionally 2.01 carats).


Djula Sun hoopsDjula

The large, circular hoops made of 18 karat yellow gold from the “Sun” collection of the French jewellery brand Djula seem to embody the incomparable beams and life-giving warmth of the sun. This beautiful effect is created here by a delicately drawn solar symbol with glorious sunrays completely lined with glittering diamonds (a total of 4.62 carats). Celebrities around the world love Djula’s characteristic style, which skilfully combines timeless diamonds and a decidedly contemporary look.


Al Coro Candy earringsAl Coro

The decorative elements in the movable earrings from Al Coro’s “Candy” collection are as round and colourful as bonbons. Droplets of pink chalcedony and red coral dance cheerfully on pink gold chains of various lengths to accentuate the light and playful impression made by these pieces of jewellery. Individual brilliant-cut diamonds and sapphires add splashes of colour and glittering accents.



Yana Nesper earringsYana Nesper

The most beautiful and noblest pearls from the ocean and from freshwater are transformed into jewellery by Pforzheim’s Yana Nesper manufactory, which adds a blue sapphire as a distinctive quality feature. These urbane earrings of 18 karat yellow gold with two 7- to 8-mm Akoya pearls are similarly adorned with the recognizable mark of quality. An eye-catcher in this jewellery for the ears is its mix of a motionless and a movable element: a pearl swings freely at the end of a delicate chain.


Sutra Jewels Anniversary collection earringsSutra Jewels

The lavish earrings by Sutra Jewels call to mind a pair of magnificent chandeliers from glamorous bygone epochs. The passion which the owners Arpita and Divyanshu Navlakha cultivate for coloured stones is clearly evident in these precious pieces of jewellery from their “Anniversary” collection, in which two large kunzites gleam in bright purple as the central eye-catchers. Each kunzite is wreathed by diamonds set in white gold. The jewellery includes 76 carats of kunzite and 14.70 carats of diamonds.


Stenzhorn A Fleur de Paris earringsStenzhorn

Imagine Paris in the springtime: delicate buds sway in the breeze, elegantly dressed people enjoy their first visit to a sidewalk café, and the scent of awakening nature perfumes the air beside the Seine. Precisely this luxurious feeling for life is reflected by the extra-long white gold earrings in the “A Fleur de Paris” collection from the Stenzhorn jewellery manufactory. Invisibly set rubies (0.8 carat) and pink sapphires (1 carat) adorn the floral elements; diamonds (2.4 carats) add glamour.