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juillet 17, 2019

Summer feeling

Cheerful jewellery and watches that brighten up the summer

Sun, water, shooting stars: light, bright, colourful jewellery and watches decorated with cheerful motifs are very popular in the summertime. Amulets inspired by sea urchins are just as much a part of the series of summer must-haves as are exclusive wristwatches that wrap themselves around their wearer’s wrist like a warm summer breeze.

Chopard Happy Sport OvalChopard 

The Happy Sport has been showing the time with verve, charm and unique lightness since 1993. Diamonds dancing freely across the dial are the secret of the success of this three-handed watch. At Baselworld 2019, Chopard unveiled a new edition with a refined oval case and a new, self-winding, manufacture movement: the Chopard 09.01-C, which is the latest model in Chopard’s portfolio. Inspired by the very first Happy Sport, the new bracelet in pink gold or stainless steel has oval links that accentuate the slim prettiness of a woman’s wrist.


Tamara Comolli Sand Dollar capsuleTamara Comolli

“Sand Dollar”, Tamara Comolli’s newest Capsule Collection, symbolizes this designer’s love for the ocean. The 18 karat gold jewellery is inspired by the rare and protected sea urchins called “sand dollars”. Worn as a good-luck charm, Comolli’s “Sand Dollar” constantly reminds its wearer of the precious element of water. The beautifully textured surface of this amulet is alternatively available with white diamonds or coloured sapphires. Variants in three different sizes perfectly complement a summery layering look.


Bulgari Serpenti Seddutori watchBulgari 

The word “Seduttori” (“Seduction”) could not be more aptly chosen because this reinterpretation of the legendary Serpenti ladies’ watch seduces everyone with its subtly reworked design. The watch has Bulgari’s legendary droplet-shaped case, but with slimmer lines than its predecessors. Sparkling diamonds embellish the side of the bezel. The flexible and supple bracelet, which recalls the original wristband, is likewise new. Its links also recall the shape of a snake’s head. A highly precise quartz movement keeps time inside the 33 mm pink, yellow or white gold case.


Stenzhorn Bee Mine collection earringsStenzhorn

Useful and beautiful insects such as bees and butterflies are inseparably associated with the summer months. The German jewellery manufacturer Stenzhorn specializes in transforming precious materials in cute flying insects. These earrings from the “Bee Mine” collection combine 750 gold, white diamonds and bright green emeralds in mosaic setting. Incidentally: often appearing as symbols of love, honeybees also represent generosity, wisdom, gentleness and the defiance of limitations.


Frederique Constant Ladies AutomaticFrederique Constant

Five new models join Frederique Constant’s successful Ladies Automatic collection, whose special feature is a double heart-shaped motif at the “12”. Aficionadas can admire the balance, the ticking heart of the automatic movement, through an aperture in the dial. The 36 mm models also feature diamonds and new metal bracelets. The alligator leather straps are coloured to match the hues of the dial. Part of the proceeds will be donated to, a charitable organization in the United States that has chosen brand ambassador Gwyneth Paltrow. The charity assists underprivileged children.


Sutra Paraiba High Jewellery Anniversary Collection white gold ringSutra

This 18 karat white gold ring in the “Paraiba High Jewellery Anniversary Collection” from the US jewellery brand Sutra looks as though its designers were inspired by a turquoise-green lagoon surrounded by a white limestone beach. The watery blue Paraiba tourmaline (24.75 carats) is wreathed by diamonds with a total weight of 4.10 carats it. If this ring doesn’t make you oooh and ahh, nothing will!


Djula Constellation necklaceDjula

What could be lovelier than spending a warm summer evening watching shooting stars fall from the sky and wishing for the most wonderful things? Now shooting stars sparkle both night and day as a decorative motif in the “Constellation” collection from the French jewellery brand Djula. The necklace, as well as the matching rings, bracelets and earrings, are made of white gold and adorned with numerous white diamonds.


Indygo Arya jewellery setIndygo

Although the materials for the “Arya” jewellery set come from icy Siberia, its light colours recall warm sandy beaches and hot sand dunes. The pendant and the ring are made of mammoth bone from skeletons found in Siberia and magnificently preserved by frost under the tundra. Inuit hunters in Alaska wear this white veined, organic material of the highest purity as a lucky charm. The French company Indygo combines it with 18 karat pink gold and brown diamonds.


Tirisi Moda Zyp collection necklaceTirisi Moda

Pieces of jewellery that are perfect for wearing on hot summer days can be found in the “Zyp Collection” from the Dutch jewellery and lifestyle brand Tirisi Moda. The absolute highlight of this sophisticated line is the necklace, which moves up and down like an actual zipper. The necklaces are available in three different versions: sterling silver combined with 18 karat rose gold and marcasite, sterling silver combined with 18 karat rose gold and diamond, and solid 18 karat rose gold with diamond. The matching rings, bracelets and earrings play with the same zipper theme, yet in a very feminine and sophisticated way.