Unique by Djula collection

juillet 10, 2019

Hippy-chic diamonds

Alexandre Corrot, founder and Artistic Director of Djula talks about the brand’s new Unique by Djula collections recently unveiled in Paris

What is the spirit of this new collection?

Alexandre Corrot, founder and artistic director of DjulaAlexandre Corrot: I introduced the idea of colour at this year’s Baselworld with the “Summer of Color” collection featuring ornamental semi-precious stones. As summer approached, I experienced a desire for Eden and Bohemianism evoking the melodies of Pink Floyd and the icons of the hedonistic decades of the hippy years. This is solar jewellery as an echo of a fantasy and mystical era where you escape to mythical places such as Marrakesh, Lanzarote, Formentera or the Nevada Desert…  SoI created variations on iconic Djula designs: designs based on the sun, snakes, fairy tales and the eye you have for a better understanding of how to transgress established codes. Like a cage where you store the Earth’s precious treasures, these diamond designs contain stones of turquoise, malachite, lapis lazuli, agate, labradorite and fossilized palm wood.

Are these stones that you have found by yourself?

As I live between Paris and the United States, I have suppliers who exhibit at the Tucson jewellery show in particular, and they are known for their rare stones sometimes from mines in the USA or South America.

Are you aiming to win over new customers for your brand in the West?

It is true that America was always a dream of mine and is about to become reality because we have already established two stores under our own name in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles and also in New York. The US clientele value the “French touch” and also want Art Deco designs, an artistic movement that was born in France. The Beverly Hills collections in the spirit of Art Deco were also presented at Baselworld this year.

How did Baselworld go for you this year?

We made some very interesting contacts particularly for South America, Mexico, Canada and the US, countries we want to develop but using distributors.

Are there any other countries that you want to expand to?

All Middle East countries are already key markets for our collections and we have just opened a second boutique with a distributor in Doha (Qatar) and also in Bahrain. We are also going to develop our sales activities in China which is a market that appreciates French brands.

And what about the stores under your own name?

We have just opened a store in Cannes in the famous shopping street of Antibes, a place that you absolutely have to visit during the summer season when in the south of France. But thanks to Baselworld, where we will of course be exhibiting again in 2020, we will be able to extend the listing of our brand worldwide via a network of quality distributors visiting the show.

DJULA Joaillerie

Au-delà des codes de la joaillerie traditionnelle, l’esprit Djula est celui d’une jeune maison parisienne qui lance, il y a près de vingt ans, la tendance « Glam Rock» dans ses bijoux. Ce souffle de modernité et d’anticonformisme émane de la personnalité même du fondateur et directeur artistique de Djula. Beyond the constraints of traditional jewellery, the Djula spirit remains that of the young Parisian house spearheading the «Glam Rock» trend in its jewellery almost twenty years ago.

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