octobre 31, 2019

Travelling through space and time

Urwerk introduces its latest innovation, the UR-100, combining the concepts of both time and space.

“We live in a universe governed by three dimensions — time, rotation, and orbit — that we attempt to measure and master, but what escapes us in this notion of SpaceTime,” explains Urwerk’s Co-Founder Felix Baumgartner. Fascinated by the workings of the universe, the Urwerk team has created the first timepiece to not only measure the time, but also the distance the Earth rotates each day, and the distance travelled by the Earth around the sun.

These two intriguing complications are displayed in kilometres on the dial. The first indication, at 10 o’clock, displays the distance the Earth has rotated (For your information, the Earth rotates 555 km every 20 minutes), and the second indication, at two o’clock, shows the distance the Earth has travelled in its orbit around the sun (a journey spanning some 35,740 km every 20 minutes).

These mind-blowing complications join Urwerk’s iconic wandering hour satellites that have been revisited in this new collection. They are powered by the automatic Calibre 12.01 with baseplates in ARCAP, a corrosion-resistant alloy; a flat turbine rotor regulation system; and a power reserve of 48 hours.

The shape of the case is reminiscent of some of Urwerk’s earlier watches such as the UR-101, and the UR-102. Martin Frei, Urwerk Co-Founder and Designer explains: “The case of the UR-100 is a deconstruction of an early URWERK case…I constantly question the diktat of symmetry and played with proportions to catch the eye."

The UR-100 is a fascinating work of horology, design, space and time that reminds us that our individual worlds are part of a far greater universe.


Although URWERK is a young company established in 1997, it is recognised as the forerunner of the new wave of Haute Horlogerie. “Bringing out yet again another version of an existing mechanical complication has never been our aim!” proclaim Felix Baumgartner, the watchmaker and Martin Frei, the artist, founding partners of the brand.

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