Anna Gaia, founder and CEO of Utopia

juin 26, 2019

Young and intriguing

Utopia focuses on design, versatility, innovative solutions, a strong and original character. So Anna Gaia, CEO of the Milan brand, has changed pearl jewellery and aims to conquer the millennials too.

Mrs Gaia, what future do you see for pearl jewellery?

Anna Gaia: We are optimistic. On the high fashion catwalks pearls have been back for some time, particularly iconic Chanel sautoir necklaces. Our own brand Utopia confirms this growth of interest, particularly in Tahitian pearls. And this bodes well, because black pearls are the most sought after by the young.

What collections are you banking on this year?

Utopia Miro earringsOn the three collections we presented at Baselworld. The high jewellery collection is dedicated to the genius of surrealism, Joan Miró. He was our inspiration when we combined different geometric shapes, rectangles, hexagons, spheres and squares, shapes designed with brilliant-cut diamonds and rosettes. The cuts are classic, but the pleasing contrast between the square shapes and the roundness of the South Sea pearls gives a modern touch that is more accentuated in the pink or yellow gold versions.

Are the other new products more accessible?

Utopia Dots ringThe Galassia collection includes accessible models that are appealing to a youthful target group also through their design, which brings to mind the form and brightness of spiral galaxies. We’re still talking about jewellery in the classical sense, however. The third collection, Dots, was born with an even younger and more resolute spirit. In addition to the light points, it presents combinations of pearl and turquoise and pearl and jet, and includes flexible bracelets and rings to be worn on two fingers, as well as different models without pearls.

Did you present any unique pieces at Baselworld?

Yes, two very important, very beautiful parures. But I would like to say a few words about the Utopia jewellery concept. Even though it is linked to the world of fine jewellery, our brand has nothing to do with the cliché of hyper-classical jewellery which has imprisoned pearls for years, and which we have managed to overcome by focusing on design and many new ideas. To mention just one, we have introduced easily removable South Sea pearls into our collections, allowing the jewel to be worn in different ways. This versatility in our world is particularly well received, because it also paves the way to areas other than those of evening jewellery.

In which markets are your jewels most in demand?

We’re in the best jewellery stores in the world. Baselworld has opened up new opportunities for us in China, and we are already going strong in Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, where we have distribution partners able to spread the brand name, and there are also events that we do together. On the old continent, our best results come from tourist resorts. In Italy from Forte dei Marmi, Venice and Milan, where we have opened a showroom near Via Tortona, an ideal area in which to welcome our partners.

What do you think about Baselworld’s new concept?

For us this year the event was very positive, and will remain the ideal showcase for presenting Italian jewellery. It would be to everyone’s benefit if the number of exhibitors were to grow again, while obviously keeping the profile high, but in the meantime the level of customers remains at the very top and again this year we made important new contacts with prestigious buyers, the ideal target for our product.