octobre 31, 2019

Les Ateliers: a Meeting Place for Connoisseurs

Master Kari Voutilainen is one of the remarkable independent watchmakers present in 2020

Les Ateliers, the Watch Gallery and the Incubator will be located in the Hall 1 alongside the most prestigious watch brands at Baselworld 2020. A space beloved by connoisseurs, les Ateliers will once again welcome Finnish watchmaker Kari Voutilainen who is revered by collectors.

With his natural discretion and humility, Kari Voutilainen shies away from the limelight. His talent lies elsewhere. Now acknowledged by both peers and connoisseurs, Kari Voutilainen arrived in Switzerland in 1989 armed with a watchmaking diploma. After a stint making unique pieces in a restoration workshop, in 2002 he lauched his independent brand in Môtiers (canton of Neuchâtel). In 2005, Voutilainen exhibited his creations for the first time at Baselworld. This ignited a spark, as he says, that greatly accelerated the momentum.

The watchmaker offers models with a classic design, handmade and based on a solid technical design. Two Voutilainen watches are included in the preselection for the 2019 Geneva Watchmaking Grand Prix, including the latest, the 28ti. Admired by collectors, Voutilainen creates unique works of art and also masters the manufacture of its own dials and cases.

Kari Voutilainen, along with his collaborators, has devised and created each of the creations himself with great attention and care for every detail. And that for a very limited production of a few dozen units per year. A godsend for collectors who find in Voutilainen an exceptional watchmaker of integrity, inventiveness and passion. « What brings our customers together, » he says, « are experienced collectors who like discretion. ». He added: « The result is more important than the time it takes us to make a watch. And the customer is well aware of this: with us, he pays for the work, not the marketing. »