1994. The start. Ikepod comes out with temporal objects based on novel engineering and design concepts. A true innovative force in the horology world, Ikepod launches several trends of the forecoming decade (watch sizes, borderline high -end luxury pricing, artisanal limited small series).

1997. Hemipode. The Ikepod masterpiece was created. A watch with 70s design and the innovative “lugless” case concept for attaching the bracelet.

Visionary in the watchmaking world, Ikepod inspired a number of trends during the 90s including large diameter watches measuring 47mm. These Ikepods brought with them exclusive limited editions and a return to true craftsmanship, each piece being a work of art.

1999-2006. The brand assumes cult status. The brand develops around the world in the haute horology segment. The Ikepod is present in the word’s best boutiques and concept stores such as Hour Glass, Chronopassion, West Time and Colette.

A factory is inaugurated in Bassecourt, Switzerland. Ikepod aspires to becoming its own independent manufacturer.

2008. The comeback. After navigating the financial vicissitudes of the new millennium and the height of the horological bubble, Ikepod collapsed into bankruptcy. Ikepod was relaunched in 2008 as a more exclusive brand with watches of gold, platinum, ceramic and titanium. But despite its previous success and exceptional international distribution network, the company’s activity was put on hold. Ikepod had become the sleeping beauty, the legend frozen in time waiting for a new and dynamic team to bring the brand out of its slumber.

2017. The renaissance. Christian-Louis Col, fan since the beginning of Ikepod, bought the brand and its designs. With the mission to revive the legend, he decided to make the watch affordable for all who had admired it, desired it and introduce the brand to those who had not yet been initiated. He asked Emmanuel Gueit, legendary watch designer to create the Chronopod and Duopod dials. The result is a fusion of the iconic Ikepod look and modern watchmaking design. A look which appeals to both Ikepod’s classic collectors and today’s watchmaking geeks.

Ikepod was relaunched on Kickstarter and the watches are now assembled in Hong Kong in a workshop used by Swiss watchmakers. The watches contain Japanese movements and Taiwanese dials to ensure the prices remain affordable yet maintain the equivalent ‘Swiss quality’.

2018. Success on Kickstarter. Ikepod is back with more than 700 buyers all around the world, Both earlier fans and new watches amateurs backing Duopod and Chronopod launch. With very good profesionnal press reviews and all this support Ikepod enter the small club of 2018 Kickstarter successes.

2020. Megapod. The countdown is on for the long-awaited return of the Ikepod automatic watch.

Famed watch designer, Alexandre Peraldi, has brought the original authenticity of the first Megapodes from 1997 into the design of the new 2020 collection. A design in the purest of watchmaking codes which simultaneously evokes both the vintage and the modern.


Ikepod has always had a history of being outrageously creative. It was known as the rebel independent of the watchmaking world which dared to challenge the status quo and inspire trends in watchmaking design.

Today’s Ikepods uphold this reputation, remaining true to their DNA but
with this time a new challenge : Keep the style, keep the quality, but rationalize the price.
A new luxury watch made affordable. Modern watchmaking has sailed on the success
of its same old designs in expensive packages for long enough. New designs and new concepts for timepieces are needed.

The Ikepod’s original designer was premonitory in introducing
the first concept watches in the 90s. And now the Ikepod legend lives on through
our mission to introduce these watches to new generations.
Quartz or automatic, unisex, silicon bracelets, unique look,
the Ikepod is a watch which asserts your style. Because taste is not a
question of price.

Ikepod is the vintage watch from the future.


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