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The GioMio Collection is an extraordinary
Diamond Jewellery Collection.
Made and designed in Belgium
by the founder and artist Georges Sabbagh
and his skilled craftspeople.
Every Diamond Jewel
has been individually designed
and beautifully finished to achieve
the perfect GioMio Collection.
We are pleased to welcome you
to discover our GioMio Collection!


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Hall & Stand

  • 1.2 | A35

Products and Collections

Allure Collection by GioMio

Allure Collection by GioMio

Diamond flowers spinning in the most beautiful way, ranging from exuberant rings to discrete earrings; this is the best way the Allure II collection by GioMio can be described.
Love Charm Collection by GioMio

Love Charm Collection by GioMio

The newest collection of GioMio, combining pink gold with diamonds and mother of pearl. With each jewel carrying a unique colour of the slow growing Tahitian black mother of pearl, the rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings are all one of a kind.
Dentelle III collection by GioMio

Dentelle III collection by GioMio

The jewels in this collections sport carefully selected diamonds draped delicately like lace on white or pink gold. For everyday life or for cocktails at night - with Dentelle III a lady portrays elegance and frivolity.
Diamond Blossom Collection by GioMio

Diamond Blossom Collection by GioMio

Imagine diamonds growing on the jewels you wear. Our Diamond Blossom collection was inspired by the natural forms of young branches with flowers growing inside the knot, ready for spring.