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Baselworld 每日新闻

参展商展示了哪些新品?呈现出哪些趋势?业界的重量级CEO 们遵循怎样的策略?哪些活动绝不容错过?有哪些名人现身展会?

自2005 年起,“Baselworld 每日新闻”每天清晨为参展者报道最新信息。无论是在过去、现在还是将来,所有与Baselworld 相关的重要事件一一在此呈现。无论是钟表、首饰、宝石,还是最新的技术开发和解决方案:一切均在Baselworld 每日新闻。新闻团队拥有30 名经验丰富的专家,涵盖了专业编辑、版面设计、摄影师和翻译,在展会期间现场发行长达48 页的报纸。

“Baselworld 每日新闻”从周四到周一发行,数量为10,000 份,可在展馆的所有入口处免费领取。另外还向巴塞尔以及周边地区的精选宾馆直接提供最新印刷的报纸——各位宾客在开始一天的展会行程之前就能做好充分的信息准备。

Frontpage Baselworld Daily News, 21 March 2019

Issue #1

Thursday, March 21

Today's highlights:

Sascha Moeri, CEO of Carl F. Bucherer,
shares the latest in watches

Seiko’s Shuji Takahashi discusses the
importance of Spring Drive

Porsche Design’s Dr Jan Becker presents
the 1919 Globetimer UTC

Jewellery and watches that reflect
the colours of the sunrise

Baselworld Daily News, 23 March 2019

issue #3

Saturday, March 23

Today’s highlights:

Julien Tornare, CEO of Zenith,
has details about the Defy Inventor

Jacob Arabo of Jacob & Co. on
haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie

Colour abounds in jewellery and
watches at Baselworld 2019

Al Coro celebrates the 20th anniversary
of the Mezzaluna collection

Baselworld Daily News frontpage, 25 March 2019


Monday, March 25

Today's highlights:

Patek Philippe wows with new
Rare Handcrafts pieces

A chat with Svend Andersen,
Co-Founder of the A.H.C.I.

A strong statement – the latest
trends in earrings

Martin Heinz on the changes in
the jewellery and watch industry

Baselworld Daily News, 22 March 2019

Issue #2

Friday, March 22

Today's highlights:

Karl-Friedrich Scheufele gives insight
into the Chopard Manufacture

Breitling flies high with its new limited
airline collection

Black and white makes for a strong
statement in watches and jewellery

Valérie Messika shares product and
company news

Baselworld Daily News frontpage, 24 March 2019

Issue #4

Sunday, March 24

Today’s highlights:

Chanel’s Nicolas Beau talks about the
20th anniversary of the J12

Piero Braga of Gucci on design
philosophy and the millennials

A stage for the king: the diamond with
incomparable brilliance

Tamara Comolli sets the course
for the future