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Baselworld - Storm of London

一月 30, 2020

Storm of London’s Camera V6

In celebration of its 30th anniversary this year, Storm of London is unveiling a new limited-edition Camera V6

Storm of London’s Camera V6 is one of the brand’s most iconic models with a design inspired by the aperture of a camera. The timepiece features a camera shutter mechanism that can be operated by turning the Storm logo at three o’clock anti-clockwise. This rotates the watch’s bezel at the same time as opening the shutter to reveal the dial below.

Baselworld - Storm of LondonBaselworld - Storm of London

Baselworld - Storm of LondonFirst released in 1995, the timepiece is now being re-released in a new limited edition of 1,000 pieces to celebrate the brand’s 30th anniversary. this new version comes with storm of london’s signature dx strap that has an engine-turned finish for a robust, industrial-design look. the limited-edition serial number is etched onto the case back as well as on a steel plate for safekeeping.

The collection is available in three versions: one with a lazer blue dial, a second with a grey dial, and the third in an all-slate-grey finish - a true tribute to the world of photography and the slr camera.

This year, storm of london is going back to its origins, returning with several classics from its early days that show how this london-based watch company has always created timepieces with designs that stand the test of time.