Baselworld - Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale Collection

三月 30, 2020

Palazzo Ducale Collection

Inspired by the facade of Venice’s Doge’s Palace, Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale collection brings details of gothic architecture to a unique line of jewellery.

A masterpiece of Gothic architecture, Venice’s Doge’s Palace is an impressive series of buildings featuring extensive ornamentation. This architectural palace is one of Roberto Coin’s favourite palazzos and was the muse for his Princess Collection. It is now also the inspiration for the design of his Palazzo Ducale line that reproduces the chiaroscuro technique of playing with the strong contrasts between light and dark.

Baselworld - Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale CollectionBaselworld - Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale Collection

Roberto Coin uses black and white diamonds to reproduce the chiaroscuro technique, together with polished and brushed rose or yellow gold that is twisted into threads. The combination of simplicity with a wealth of details gives each piece a majestic aura. The collection includes rings, bangles, and pendants that are all adorned with black and white diamonds.

Each piece of Palazzo Ducale jewellery also includes the brand’s signature hidden ruby, discretely set on the inside of the rings and the bangles and on the back of the pendants. The ruby is steeped in legend, from the ancient Egyptians who believed it brought love, joy and everlasting health; to the Burmese warriors who wore it for protection on the battlefield; and the Hindus who believed it brought hope and desire. By placing a hidden ruby on each of his creations, Robert Coin conveys a single message of goodwill to all the women who wear his jewellery.

Baselworld - Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale Collection

Roberto Coin’s Palazzo Ducale collection continues the brand’s love for curiosity and creativity, which always results in jewellery that never fails to surprise and delight its customers.

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