Citizen define a good watch | Baselworld 
Citizen CEO Toshio Tokura

三月 23, 2019

“What defines a good watch?”

A conversation with Toshio Tokura, Citizen President and CEO

Citizen Watch President and CEO Toshio Tokura answers this question and explains the importance of Eco-Drive and GPS technology. Another highlight at this year’s Baselworld is the celebration of the Promaster’s 30th anniversary.

Citizen is known for its Eco-Drive and its Satellite Wave technology. Can you tell us something about the importance of these areas for the brand?

Toshio Tokura: What is the most efficient energy source? How can we maintain accuracy? What defines a ‘good watch’? These are the questions Citizen consistently asks itself, and light-powered and satellite-synchronising technologies are our answers to those questions. Citizen introduced both the world’s first light-powered analogue watch and the satellite-synchronised watch to the market, catering to the needs of practical users. Some followers entered into the market, making the market bigger, which is good for both Citizen and end consumers. Since then, we have been creating practical yet emotional watches. Last year we released the F990 Eco-Drive Satellite Wave GPS watch, which pays homage to the original Satellite Wave watch introduced in 2011, and this new F990 has faster radio reception and hand movement. As for light-powered technology, we introduced Eco-Drive One in 2016, the world’s thinnest light-powered watch, with a movement just 1 mm thick. These novelties have been loved by consumers and we are proud of these technologies.

What is new going forward and what are you presenting here at Baselworld?

This year at Baselworld, we announce the Calibre 0100, which is the most precise light-powered watch in the world, with annual accuracy within plus or minus one second. Calibre 0100 consists of three models. The main model is featured with a white gold case, which looks stunning. Two other models are crafted with our Super Titanium case and bracelet, which is scratch-resistant and boasts a beautiful finish. More importantly, our Promaster is marking its 30th anniversary, so we are introducing three limited-edition models. They all have the Promaster features: functionality, toughness and safety. Especially the Sky family’s limited-edition model, which has a multi-layered structure for the dial design, makes for a very unique model.

What is Citizen Watch doing to attract the millennial market?

We see the diversifying of values and lifestyles all over the world. From the business perspective, it is crucial to provide appropriate products to appropriate customers through appropriate channels. In the U.S. market, we are accelerating online sales with our channels as well as with digital marketing that targets the native digital millennial generation. Product-wise, we have an affordable range, the Drive collection, and Marvel-licensed watches. With that said, sales are growing rapidly.