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Three masters from Glion

三月 24, 2019

Gourmets at work

Three masters created a fine-dining experience for Baselworld

Gourmet FoodFrom 50 to 300 guests a day — three masters in their field from the Glion Institute of Higher Education took the challenge of creating a fine dining concept for Baselworld, in cooperation with the ‘house’ caterer, Wassermann & Company. While Chantal Wittmann, one of the managers of Le Bellevue restaurant in Glion, takes care of the service aspects, the two chefs, Fabien Foare and Benoît Carcenat, handle the culinary delights. All three hold the title of ‘Meilleur Ouvrier de France’.

How did the cooperation with Wassermann & Company come about?

Benoît Carcenat: Frank Wassermann was looking for a chef. And through a common contact – a champagne supplier, in fact – he came to Glion, ate in the restaurant and was so surprised by the standard of the cuisine that he decided he wanted to work with us.

How did you come up with the culinary concept for Baselworld?

Fabien Foare: We needed to adapt 50 recipes to the catering here at Baselworld. We had some ideas of what we could do for the menu but we also had to listen to the Wassermann team, to figure out what was possible.

What are the challenges involved in doing what you do for a show like Baselworld?

Benoît Carcenat: What is different is the quantity of food we have to prepare each day. In each of our restaurants at home, we have about 50 seats. And here, we are talking of having to serve about 300 people a day at the restaurants in Hall 1.0. The tastes, the flavours, are still the same quality as in the original recipes, but we had to simplify plating to speed things up.

To find out more about Glion, its master chefs and the culinary highlights at Baselworld, visit: www.baselworld.com/en/the-show/culinaryhighlights