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Jacob Arabo, founder and CEO of Jacob & Co.

六月 25, 2019

“Pushing the limits”

Jacob Arabo, founder, creator and CEO of Jacob & Co., talks watches

This year, in addition to unveiling several new collections, Jacob & Co. released some truly impressive complicated haute horlogerie and haute joaillerie watches. Founder, creator and CEO, Jacob Arabo tells all.

Jacob & Co. Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti

What are the key introductions this year?

Jacob Arabo: Our key introductions are the Fleurs de Jardin, the Astronomia Casino, the Supernova, and the Leo Messi Partnership, and we are very excited about launching the long-term partnership with Bugatti.

What is your personal favourite in the 2019 line-up?

I love the Twin Turbo Furious Bugatti and Epic X Chrono Carbon Bugatti.

What are the most significant characteristics a sophisticated timepiece should have today?

First, a sophisticated watch should have a design that stands out, one that doesn’t look like anything else. There are too many ‘copy cat’ watches on the market today. Then, it should use a high-quality mechanical movement with hand-finishing. It should also have a certain degree of exclusivity, either limited production or a limited edition. At the same time, a sophisticated watch should only use the highest-quality materials, and should have a focus on craftsmanship, an attention to detail that is missing from mass market watches. Jacob & Co. timepieces meet all these requirements and take them many steps further.