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Mattia Cielo

五月 20, 2019

Infinite symbol of perfection

Mattia Cielo’s collections are unmistakable: Jewels that appear simple and imitable but by no means are

His creations have won numerous international awards, but the really important recognition for Mattia Cielo is the one that comes from having a presence in jewellery shops of such great prestige as Bergdorf Goodman, Maxfield and Boon the Shop, where they are on offer to a high-class public.

The circle, understood as a symbol of continuity and purity, is the element present in all Cielo’s collections: in the big yet at the same time light earrings, or in the flexible spiral bracelets that extend the circle to become a veritable ‘mobile jewel’, an ornament not only for the wrist but for the entire arm.

How would you describe your creations in a few words?

Mattia Cielo: Let’s see: freedom, lightness, flexibility, simplicity. But also technology and craftsmanship. However, individual words cannot possibly render the substance and philosophy of our jewellery. When we say lightness, we are not talking about small items, but about jewellery of major dimensions and that is highly visible, made exclusively of precious materials which technology has allowed us to make wearable with great aplomb and, hence, with great freedom of movement.

Technology also allows the pieces to be extendable, to be modelled on the body, freeing the woman from the slavery of form, just as great stylists have done in the field of fashion. We find simplicity in the unmistakable severity of style. Mattia Cielo creations have always attracted attention for their basic forms, in which the combination of creative design and engineering expertise give life to jewellery whose simplicity is the result of a thorough knowledge of precious materials and one of the most innovative technical and technological studies in the field of jewellery. The iconic Rugiada collection, in its many variations and in its various shades of gold with diamonds and coloured stones, expresses this technological competence that allows us to obtain flexibility and freedom to indulge body movement.

The ambitious goal of creating jewellery to define the third millennium has certainly required a particular type of reflection. How can it be made visual?

Mattia Cielo jewellery photographed by Seb Janiak

I believe that the image we have chosen to present this year at Baselworld is truly representative of our creativity and how we conceive the piece of jewellery: a piece that we want to be a true interpreter of our century and our millennium. The images are by Seb Janiak, an artist even more than he is a photographer, a Frenchman of Polish origin who in his career of more than twenty years has experimented in many fields, exploring all the possibilities offered by the photographic medium. It is an imagery that I like to define as ‘liquid’, created with new techniques and perspectives, that reflects our own spirit of breaking with the past to give freedom to the way in which femininity is expressed today.



Mattia Cielo third millennium jewels dedicated to power ladies: they are contemporary superheroes, and this series of precious masterpieces are made to complement their beauty and strength. Each creation arises from the fusion of tradition and technology; it combines the ancient craft of goldsmithing with the latest innovations in ergonomic design. This unique approach can be seen throughout all of Mattia Cielo’s collections, formed of light, soft and flexible jewels.

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