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Green Opal

三月 23, 2019

Fascinating Opals

“I have been admiring this Lightning Ridge opal for a decade"

Chris Price Opals – “I have been admiring this Lightning Ridge opal for a decade and trying to acquire it, and finally it happened,” says very happy owner Chris Price of Chris Price Opals, while displaying it in all its glory. The opal is unusual because of the vividness of the green, the beauty and play of the colours on the undulating surface, and also because of its size. With its 263.3 carats, it will probably never be set in jewellery, but it will be sure to bring joy for a lifetime.

Colorful OpalEmil Weis Opals – As part of an impressive array of opals, Emil Weis Opals has brought two phenomenal pieces to Baselworld. The first, a black opal from Lightning Ridge, Australia – the most important and famous field for black opals – shows all colours, which is rare, and something which has been almost impossible to come by in the past five to six years. According to Company President, Jürgen Schütz, “it is an exceptional example of the good ol’ days”. The other is a Mexican fire opal from the 1970s: beautifully orange with a strong fire and, with its 75.94 carats and dimensions of 46.9 x 23.8 x 23.7 mm, it is unusually large for a Mexican opal.