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Tirisi Moda Zipper Bracelets

三月 22, 2019

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The latest jewellery line from Tirisi Moda is based on an old closure technique and sparks enthusiasm among modern women all over the world

The zipper was first developed around 1851, but it took another sixty years for it to become the trailblazing invention in clothing that it is today. Now, a century later, the Dutch high-end fashion jewellery brand Tirisi Moda, which was founded in 2010, is welcoming the zipper to the fashion world of jewellery.

Tirisi Moda Zipper NecklaceThe “Zyp Collection”, a truly unique and innovative new series celebrating its world premiere at Baselworld 2019, is based on the familiar movement of a zipper. The absolute highlight of this sophisticated collection is the necklace, which moves up and down like an actual zipper. The detailed, rounded finishing adds an additionally feminine and glamorous spark to this appealing look. Where did the idea for this playful and dynamic collection come from? “Entrepreneurial women know what it feels like to zip through life: New York, Paris, Milan.But while we zip from one place to another, staying in touch with our feminine side and remaining fashionable is key,” explains CEO and Head of Design Natascha Rotstein-

This stylish businesswoman, who adores fashion, had already developed the creative concept for the Zyp Collection several years ago while zipping around the world, but its technical implementation turned out to be quite challenging. “Developing the Zyp in such a way that it would fit into the jewellery universe and function like a piece of premium jewellery was a major hurdle” Rotstein-Zuchouwski recalls. Nevertheless, after three years of research, the brand finally found a way to strike the right balance between usability, aesthetics and quality standards.

Alongside the elegant yet powerful necklace, the innovative Zyp Collection also offers a full range of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. The young, fashion-forward Tirisi Moda brand and its diverse jewellery for everyday wear are admired by international fashionistas and modern jewellery lovers alike. No wonder: this brand is trying to break through the conventional ideas that prevail in the jewellery industry. Rather than bringing out one new collection each year, 
Tirisi launches new products at least three times annually. Fair and accessible prices are another attractive feature. “This allows us to offer impressive value for money and make the luxurious joy of owning high-end jewellery available to a larger number of independent women,” says Lorian 
Rotstein, who is responsible for marketing.


TIRISI. Born on the catwalk, worn in the City. These are exactly the words that describe what the collection is all about. Tirisi Jewelry made of 18kt gold with diamonds and semi-pressure stones. Tirisi Moda the more fashionable line made in 18kt gold combined with sterling silver.

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